Nurturing Businesses for a Vibrant Economy
A thriving business community is essential for a strong economy. We support policies that create a favorable environment for businesses to grow and create jobs.
Empowering Consumers
Consumers should have the power to choose the products and services that best meet their needs

Our Mandate

To help push policies that foster a good business environment and connect the consumer in the value creation process.

To champion a free-market economy that prioritizes business integrity and the interest of the consumer.

To advocate for consumer-friendly policies, ensuring that freedom of choice is upheld at all times.


We believe that for markets to come into their full potential, it must be free and must allow consumers make free and informed choices devoid of undue intrusions which erode value.

At Nigeria Business & Consumer Square, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world. We are a dynamic force dedicated to driving positive change through a strategic approach. We work through three basic processes: research, advocacy, and networks and alliances.